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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 2:50 pm    Post subject: http://thecoolesthingever.myfreeforum.org/search.php?search_  Reply with quote



We entered last year, and since then we have been going from strength to strength this year so I thought I'd give it another shot

TheCoolestThingEver forum is split into 4 groups
1) The Genral Chat and girls forum are the main forums. General is fairly self explanatory, the girls forum is "for girls and talking about girls". Discussions of womens issues sit comfortably with 'pictures of 'cool girls'. The News forum is for discussion of upcoming projects, and coordinating upcoming projects to do with the website

2) The 'Interactive forums' consist of Photos, Radioshow, Blogs, Music Makers, Links, and Stories. This part represents the main raison d'etre of the website for me, it is a place where people can showcase their self expression and encourage others. Many of our regular posters have created podcasts and shared photographs or writing that they have done, that they simply would not have done if not for this website. The long term goal of the website is to be a kind of hub for amateur artists, writers, musicians etc which manages to retain it's sense of fun and also a good place for people to talk rubbish, or chew the fat over anything that comes to mind.

3) The Philes consists of forums for Music, Sports, Computer Games, Cinema and books, and Science/Technology/ Again these are all fairly self explanatory, forums to discuss culture, and share resources. Basically, these are similar to what you would find on most forums. The film reviews have all been catalogued excellently in the Wiki by one of our main posters, which makes for easy access to independent reviews from our 'What film have you watched thread'. These reviews range from 500 words to 3, and so makes for an amusing and informative resource

4) At the bottom of the forum we have specialist forums, for example one of our posters is an expert on manga, so he has a sub forum for discussing manga and japanese culture aside from the film forum. These may be joke forums or slow moving, so they are subforums to keep the forum main page tidier. We also have a 'Secret' forum which is based around the meetups in a similar vein it is kept at the bottom because it is more specific

The site owner (myself) bought webhosting for our radio show, and we now have a blog, a gallery, and a wiki to showcase our writers and musicians. Last year I said that we are a lively community and have a very effective no flaming policy because even a much larger website can be ruined by flame wars and trolling, so for a small board like us would be disastrous

Our Radioshow is probably the best feature, this has attracted a number of similar podcasters and musicians eager to promote their work and interact with the community. The radio show forum is one of the liveliest parts of the website, and we generally produce a new radio show every week and a half on average

We have also made a lot more out of the social side with regular meet ups in London and occasionally Bristol.

TCTE is still a young forum, and not as fast moving as many general forums, but for me it is better that it remains personal, regular posters who stay will become part of the community and enjoy it a great deal. All flaming is deleted so we don't have a single troll after 18 months. Nobody who posts on there has any rivalries or bad feeling, although some do from other websites, it is not reflected on TCTE, in this respect I feel that our site truly is a succesful community, and overall we are a good candidate for best General forum, as a place which encourages only the positive aspects of internet communities and suffers from none of what will ruin many for certain people (bullying, trolling, cliqueiness etc)



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