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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:24 am    Post subject: Grouch  Reply with quote

DNS servers are on my mind lately as there are a few issues to clear up our end.

So are server moves as they seem to be all I have been doing more months  

Every set of server moves leads to a load of questions as to what is "eddy/marvin/trillian" etc doing in my URL?

Now personally I think the given explanation is quite clear, but this is not a grouch about people understanding that.

It is a grouch about why people see it in the first place? now they have to see it briefly if they are using a forum continually as when the forum moves, its new ip address takes time to propagate. So we set the new IP, but place a redirect at the old IP going to the preset "eddy" (or whatever) addresses that already propagated for the new server.

We also when we are doing server moves, set a 2 hour TTL (time to live) for IP addresses for the domain. Now that's the grouch most of the worlds ISPs seem to ignore that totally. The external nameserver I use here tells me our TTL is in fact 12 days   This false TTL then gets honored by our internal nameserver and we get stuck with the address unless we reset the thing. Meanwhile the external nameserver does seem to actually update, not in two hours as we ask for, but certainly not in 12 days.

We'd all have a lot less problems if ISPs honored basic internet protocols.



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