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Server Appeal

To take our forums into 2010 and beyond on a sound fast footing, we would like to obtain an additional top of the line server costing in the region of $10,000/£6000.
Total Raised: £1598.02
Percent Raised: 26%

Please make a donation

The minimum donation is £2. A minimum is needed as there are minimum payment processing fees we have to pay.
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Thank you to the following sponsors
UsernameAmountGuest name Date Memo
Anonymous £2.7 love the forum keep up the good work
Anonymous £14.14 Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £4.56
Anonymous £4.63 Thanks to the UkChineseAirgunForum.
Anonymous £4.63 Thanks for enabling me to use (The Trike Forum)
Anonymous £9.28
Anonymous £4.58
Anonymous £4.58 Lucky to have this site.
Anonymous £9.36 Thanks for making these sites available. I'm on the "GoN Community" forum and really appreciate it.
Anonymous £4.58
Anonymous £47.85 Member of pirate party germany
Anonymous £4.58
Anonymous £4.6 For "I cavalieri dello zodiaco .net" ALDO RULES
Anonymous £4.55
Anonymous £4.6 Thanks for supporting these user-friendly free forums! From the Buffy CCG community!
Anonymous £4.6 Thanks for the trike forum.
Anonymous £4.6
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £2.7
Anonymous £23.82 howay the lads
Anonymous £4.6 For "I cavalieri dello"
Anonymous £9.46 thanks
Anonymous £14.21
Anonymous £9.41 Member of the Dr. Graybow Pipe forum.
Wish I could do more, but hopes this helps out!

Anonymous £4.6 i'm a member over on
Anonymous £4.63 For the UkChineseAirgunForum
Anonymous £4.6
Anonymous £4.63 For the: UkChineseAirgunForum
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £7.53 For the: UkChineseAirgunForum
Anonymous £14.21 Donated on behalf of
Anonymous £4.6
Anonymous £9.46 Thank you for a great forum, love it!
Anonymous £9.41 For:www.I cavalieri dello
Anonymous £19.12 Thanks for a good job
Anonymous £9.41
Anonymous £9.46 on behalf of
Anonymous £23.7
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £9.46 For the Chinese airgun forum please.
Anonymous £9.41 this server is awesome !!!
Haydn £9.31 A donation from

Keep up the good work!!
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £14.21 zimmer ( FRANCE)
Anonymous £9.46 Keep it up (or it gets damp)
Anonymous £9.31
Anonymous £4.63 Sorry it's all I can afford right now.
Anonymous £19.12
Anonymous £2.7
Anonymous £19.12 For Convoy4Heroes, bringing it all together.
Anonymous £9.41
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £4.63 for a great member of the falcon owners club.
Anonymous £1.73
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £9.46 As a user of the fabulous UBC Forum, I am happy to contribute to the appel.

Thank you for all your hard work.
Anonymous £9.46 thanx for your helps chaps
Anonymous £9.46 love the forum , keep up the good work :)
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £4.63 Swansea Narpo Police
Anonymous £4.6
Anonymous £4.63 Great forum, really like it, sorry this is all I can afford at the moment, hope it helps.
Anonymous £4.63 Just started new forum, looks good thanks
Anonymous £9.41 Board is looking good.
Anonymous £4.63 A donation on behalf of
Thanks, Been a great help , To me and my son.
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £7.01
Anonymous £19.02 This donation is sent by members of the Reformed Theology Institute who very much appreciate your service and fine work!
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £9.46 Thanks for the facility
david hobbs £23.95
Anonymous £19.02 Building fight plans and preparing fighters for their upcoming fights, went a long way toward me gaining back my memory and brain functions in 2000 and beyond, after a serious car accident. Thank you WeBL. I hope you get back on top and stay there.
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £9.46 A donation on behalf of
Anonymous £9.41
Anonymous £4.63 A donation on behalf of
Many thanks for a superb service.

cheers atb ben
Anonymous £9.41
Ask Mr. Religion £4.6 Donation on behalf of

Thanks for all your help with our forums!
Anonymous £-96.4
Anonymous £96.4
Anonymous £9.46 Great forum, great bunch of people got to be worth a punt. Tony
Anonymous £9.46 Fantastic forum, great help from everyone. Keep it up.
Anonymous £19.12 hi,we have just started our forum a wee ago and need new members we are a canary forum please add our link guys as we need help too ,thanks john
Anonymous £4.6
Anonymous £9.46 A donation on behalf of thanks, Bocephus
Anonymous £9.46 brilliant site
a little token but all helps

Anonymous £41.13 Here's a donation raised by forum and club members, Ayrshire bikers would not have been as successful without you guy's....Thanks
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £23.95 Thanks
Anonymous £9.46
danm97 £9.41 This might not be a big deal of money but its to show you how appreciated your help is for me and my site !! Thank you sir !! I know I always request the impossible but always manage to help me. Thanks again !! danm97 at
Anonymous £9.46 Thanks for putting up with me
nothing comes close to this forum.
Anonymous £4.63
Capt Kirk £4.63 Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up
Anonymous £9.46 Great job, thanks.
Anonymous £9.46 Thanks for all this. A great service.
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £1.72 I'll pay $20 per year if you get rid of the advertising
Anonymous £9.41
Michael Crane £9.46 Thanks for all the hard work.

Michael Crane
BusyBee £23.95 You guys do a good job! ;)
Anonymous £4.63 Great forum keep up the good work Will.
Anonymous £4.63 A donation on behalf of thanks, Venusbloo
Anonymous £4.63 Top site, happy to contribute to your cause.
Anonymous £3.66 A donation on behalf of
Many thanks for a superb service.
From Bl4derr1
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £4.63 Something from the chinese airgunners
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £2.68 bloody brilliant, loved the site and so friendly too! keep up the good work
Anonymous £4.63 From someone enjoying the forum
Anonymous £4.63 It's been more than a month but here we are
Anonymous £4.6 To support friends.
Tonu £9.41 I'd prefer not to have advertisements, or in any case no adult advertisement. Willing to pay for that privilege within reason.
Anonymous £4.63 Donation on behalf of, what a fantastic job you are doing keep up all the good work

kind Regards lee
Anonymous £9.46 A donation on behalf of
Many thanks for a superb service. Christian
danm97 £9.41 This might be not much but I think we all should help as much as you help us !! Thanks MYFF !!
From !!
scottishbikers £7.53 Glad to help
Anonymous £9.41 Keep this,THE greatest die-cast site on the web, going strong.
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £4.63 Cool djs Cool station
Anonymous £9.46 On behalf of the UK Chinese Air Gun Forum
Anonymous £4.6 w00t found it donated:O
im nice:D
Anonymous £4.63
uncle aj £23.95 Thanks for all the good work and support. This donation is from the members at Uncle AJ's.
Anonymous £4.63 On behalf of the UK Chinese Air Gun Forum
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £4.63 I'll put some more in next month, Keep up the good work
Anonymous £19.02
Anonymous £9.41
Just Jen £9.41 Thanks for all the great work!

The Mamas Online
Anonymous £1.73
Anonymous £9.46 Gift
Anonymous £4.63 A donation on behalf of
Many thanks for a superb service. theoldman
Biffo1262 £9.46 A starter donation on behalf of
Many thanks for a superb service. Biffo1262 Co-Admin
Anonymous £33.61
Anonymous £9.46 Just a starting 1st payment more to follow from my members, Admin of
Couldnt be without you guys, Thanks a million
lordalmighty £9.46 from a big thanks for mapping and hosting us so we can enjoy a fun game of poker and chat meaningless nonsense ;)
Anonymous £1.72 A+ job guys, thanks from us at
Anonymous £9.46
TAK £4.6 Good work guys from asoka.myfreeforum
scottish-jim £17.19 On behalf of
dinglouisa £4.6 Hi, this is the best I can donate.
Anonymous £96.4 What can I say, the My Free Forum team do a fantastic job, and we all appriciate it here at Gary's Diecast Drive In. We have had four years hastle free forum service. A big thank you from all our forum members. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous £4.63
Anonymous £9.46 Good luck
Zina2008 £9.46 Hard work should never go unappreciated! Thanks. =^.^=
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £19.02 Lets keep it going !
smartrepair £14.29 Brilliant service cant thank you enough
Anonymous £1.73
Zudane £28.63 ^_^ thanks for the awesome service!
kaz £19.12
Nick(NR) £14.29
Anonymous £9.46
Anonymous £1.73 thanks for excellent work, long may it continue
Anonymous £4.63 ukchineseairgunforum supports you
perthtruebluetwo £2 keep up the brilliant work admin..
Anonymous £10 Carol
Anonymous £2 Celeste
P Shivers £6.9
Anonymous £50 Paul A generous donation from