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Welcome to the new web page creation suite, available on all myff forums.

These pages are example pages  demonstrating just what can be created using the system.

You will have complete access to edits scores of great default templates to give your pages exactly the look you want.

Portal Components

Portal componets can be added to forum templates, web page templates and web pages.

Each portal componet is entered with a starting "{" and terminating "}" and will add functionality to the displayed page.

Macro/Portal Name Description Help link
MYFF.ANNOUNCE Show all forum announcements  
MYFF.ARCHIVE Show topics set as "Archive"  
MYFF.AVCHECK Shows current Virus warnings help
MYFF.BIRTHDAY Show todays members birthdays help
MYFF.CATEGORIES Show forum categories  
MYFF.CATEGORY Show forums in a category  
MYFF.CONTENT Show forum post/topic  
MYFF.CURRENTTIME Show current time  
MYFF.DESCRIPTION Show site control panel description help
MYFF.EDITORSCHOICE Show topics set as "Editors Choice"  
MYFF.EMAILER Test emailer portal  
MYFF.FORUMANNOUNCE Show forum announcements  
MYFF.GALLERY Display attachment gallery help
MYFF.GALLERYLATEST Latest gallery attachments help
MYFF.GLOBALANNOUNCE Show global announcements  
MYFF.GSEARCH Google search help
MYFF.GSITESEARCH Google site search results in web page help
MYFF.LATEST Show latest forum posts/topics help
MYFF.LINKSMENU Show a menu of links help
MYFF.MAINMENU Show a menu of links help
MYFF.NAVBAR page links help
MYFF.NAVBARLIST List of page links help
MYFF.NEVERWINTERNIGHTS2 Game server status help
MYFF.POPULAR Show popular forum topics help
MYFF.RANDOMIMAGE Displays random gallery thumbnail help
MYFF.SEARCHFORM Display forum seach dialog help
MYFF.STICKY Show forum "sticky" topics  
MYFF.TOP Show topics marked as "top"  
MYFF.TOPPOSTERS Show forum top posters help
MYFF.VISITS Show recently online help
MYFF.WEBPAGE Displays a webpage help