What forum software do we use?



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What forums software do we use?

There are many different Bulletin Board systems available, so what do we run and why do we run it?

What we run is a choice of a heavily enhanced version of phpbb2 or phpbb3.

The phpbb2 forums retain total core database compatibily with standard phpbb2. This means that customers are both free to join us from other compatible forums systems and equally able to move away from us should the need arise. We take pleasing our customers seriously, and take pride in the fact that we keep the exit door open by keeping our database compatible.

Why start out from phpbb2?

phpbb2 is a proven reliable forums solution that in its core form concentrates on what a forum needs to do, which is to allow people to join up and have discussion. It also has also the essential features that complement this such as searching and private messaging.

If you use phpbb2 as a forum, then people signing up will find it has an interface that they are able by and large to understand and use. If you run a forum for anytime you will realize that even on a simple interface like phpbb2 people frequently struggle a little with functions like "quoting", imagine how far they would get on forums systems overloaded with pulldown menus populated with functions that are rarely if ever used!

What have you added?

We have added a very few functions like "file attachments" that the user will see as a normal user.

We have however added a great number of behind the scenes tweaks visible to the forums admin to impove how the forum functions.

On top of this we have created scores of little components called portals that the forum admin can add to their forum if they want to.

What about phpbb3

Phpbb3 is available as a free "upgrade" from your  forums control panel. You are allowed to experiment with a copy of your forum as phpbb3, whilst continuing to run your phpbb2 forum. If you decide you like phpbb3 you can make the change permanent.

We maintain that phpbb3 is over complex especially with permissions settings, and that our version of phpbb2 is still the better forums system.