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Welcome to the new web page creation suite, available on all myff forums.

These pages are example pages  demonstrating just what can be created using the system.

You will have complete access to edits scores of great default templates to give your pages exactly the look you want.

Welcome to the MYFF support web pages

You may notice that this is not our main web sites at myfreeforum.org it is a web site attached to our support forum, and which uses exactly the same web page creation facilities as all our forum customers. Anything you see done in these pages can be done with your free forum!

The powerful web page editing suite makes use of our template/macro and portal component system, which may sound complicated but with a little practice allows you to build a web site with it own unqiue but consistant appearance, and many dynamic features interacting with your free forum.

At launch we have over 70 great templates to start from, this number will increase as time passes.

Unlike most other web page systems you will notice a distinct lack of advertising, you will see only one group of google adverts at the top of the page, you can even change the colours of the adverts, though we do ask (well insist) that you keep them readable.