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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:19 am    Post subject: http://hogwartsafterdark.myfastforum.org  Reply with quote

Hogwarts After Dark

This is an entirely new style of forum for Harry Potter genre. Yes, there are a million sites out there, but what makes ours unique? Many things.

We don't force our members to view a bunch of background images, custom buttons, space wasting pictures. We listened to our members who say they have slow connections and are dialup, and would rather have content, than pretty pictures.
We have four templates, each for a different taste. The default one is the most popular, as it is easy on the eyes, and very simple.
We are responsive to our member's needs. Everything asked for, we try to supply to the best of our abilities.
There is no preferential treatment. Every single member is valued, and made to feel wanted on our site. There is no 'clique', no gossip, and nobody is made to feel any more important than anyone else.

Many Harry Potter sites are pg-13 rated. We have no ratings limit. As long as there is nothing gratuitous, just for shock value we are willing to let our members exercise their own judgment, and roleplay the way they are most comfortable.

We are not limited to students. Most sites focus solely on students, which leads to a dilemna. How to create realistic romantic relationships for a twelve year old? Simple, you can't. But...You want to behave in a canon way, but want the more daring rp as well. Fighting, slumming looking for stolen goods. Going to the nudie bar. Students can't do that, can they?

We focus on the adults. Yes, we have active classes for students who want to play young characters. But we allow members to create adult accounts as well. We have positions for Aurors and the Ministry open and are allowing members to create their own positions. Most sites that have jobs create a divisiveness between the 'employed' and unemployed, and give positions to favored members. We don't do that. These are just rp positions, not site authority positions, so everyone should be able to rp having a job, like in the real world. We want everyone to find their niche and enjoy themselves.

Many sites have students running stores, how realistic is that? How can you be in school every day, and still run a business?
We encourage shops run by adult accounts. Our adults behave like adults, not like little kids with beards. They flirt, drink, sometimes are scared of things that go bump in the night. Some are obsessive compulsive, and some hate their jobs, but are caught in a rut.

And mostly, we have a sense of humor. You have to, in order to keep your sanity these days. Yes, we will have some serious plots, but right now we are just getting to know each other, and reach a rhythm. We all like to tease and poke fun, and not take this too seriously. By the end of this first term, we should have had several murder attempts as well as budding friendships.

We are accommodating. We will always try to give what is asked, even if it seems a little odd. Wanna be a troll? Sure, just don't hit your head in the door on the way out!
Want to have a sister in law in St. Mungo's spell damage ward? SURE!

Many of us have come from other sites where we have been screwed over mercilessly. Here, we want everyone to just relax and let this take us where ever it ends up. Its for fun, and we want everyone to see it the same way.


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