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Zarth has now been created and as of today - Opened! "What is Zarth?" I hear you ask and below I hope to answer that for you.
Zarth is a forum aimed at teenagers. It is set on an island where you can do all sorts of things... It's all about having fun and chilling out. A lot of it is based on "Z's" which is the Zarth currency. We've taken (or at least - are taking) the shop and virtual point feature to a new level. To see all of this and more for yourself, just visit Zarth today  and signup.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Remember you can exchange your Z's for cash and real items (more coming soon too)...

Very interesting site, I'm curious as to how successful it will be. Looks like you have some good dedication though, let us hope it pays off!

And you should also post your MYFF link.

Taking a look through, I have a nice suggestion for you... I found your gaming lounge, which has flash games.  I see that they all load at the same time, which can really cause lag or take a long time for some people, and I do have a way around it, let me know if you want to use it and i can get you the code...

I do something similar but I have only one game load at a time: this lets only one game be open at a time and you can have as many as you want listed.

Thanks very much for your comments. I cannot edit my first post, so here is the MYFF link:

The site isn't brilliant, but then again it is very new, I'm willing to put lots of time and effort in as long as people are interested. As for the arcade code, that would be fantastic. I realised that having both games load at the same time was a slight problem, but with the code your site has, I could add lots more games to the game lounge which would be fantastic.

If you wouldn't mind passing the 'code' on, I'd be greatful. Thanks again for your comments.

I'll post it here, the edited version with some notes...

Here are the basics:

<script type="text/javascript">

         function setGame(url,wid,hei,ttl) {
            var gameCode = '<embed src=\"'+url+'\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"'+wid+'\" height=\"'+hei+'\"></embed>';

         var fixEmbeddedVideo = function(embedCode) {
            if(embedCode && embedCode.toLowerCase().indexOf('classid') == 0) {
               var objPos = embedCode.toLowerCase().indexOf('object ') + 'object '.length;
               return embedCode.substr(0, objPos) + 'classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" ' + embedCode.substr(objPos);
            } else {
               return embedCode;

            document.getElementById('gamebox').innerHTML = fixEmbeddedVideo(gameCode);
            document.getElementById('gametitle').innerHTML = ttl + ":";



<a onclick="setGame('[[URL]]','[[WIDTH]]','[[HEIGHT]]','[[TITLE SHOWN ABOVE GAME]]');">[[LINK TO CLICK]]</a>

<br />
<div id="gameframe">

<h2 id="gametitle">Game window</h2>
<div id="gamebox"></div>


and of course replace these:
[[URL]] = the URL of the flash game, not the page it is on, should end in .swf
[[WIDTH]] = Width of the flash game, numbers only
[[HEIGHT]] = Height of the flash game, numbers only
[[TITLE SHOWN ABOVE GAME]] = self explanatory
[[LINK TO CLICK]] = self explanatory

So for example a line could look like this:

<a onclick="setGame('','800','400','Bowmaster Prelude');">Bowmaster Prelude</a>

Making the page look any different is all up to you, I've got a table for the games on top (using the style's images), and a table for the game box also using the styles images.  You will need some html experience to tweak it around more.

Great, an arcade is now up an running. Thanks very much, Zudane

Anyway, all ideas are welcome to improve the site. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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