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myff admin

Zaphod forum server

The new Zaphod forum server is now close to ready to having forums transferred to it

The good new here is just how little time it took to take the Ford server and clone it to a different physical server  

Though on the negative side that same process has run into problems on an advert server  
myff admin

Frustratingly still 28 hours to go on the "time to live" for one of the nameservers which we use to pick up on zaphods address.

I'm sure I could resolve that, but it goes against a cardinal rule of not tweaking too many things at once.
myff admin

15 hours....

Which should explain the problems still occurring getting this server live, but I'm not seeing exactly where and why the issues are occurring.
myff admin

Well the DNS timed out, the records started looking right and the connection verification routine has just worked several times on the trot

So we should be good to go, still a bit of a puzzle as to what exactly was the issue, but what the heck waiting solved it as expected.
myff admin

A couple of inactive forums have been moved over and all seems in place.

I'm rebooting Zaphod with settings that make it the least powerful in terms of memory allocated of the forums servers, (actually it reboots so fast that it has already rebooted), I was always aiming with the last set of forums servers we have created on the physical machines to pare the power down the point where bottlenecks became visible, but the things were so darn fast that it never happened  

Maybe this time we will learn more?

The core point of the matter is that now we have all the servers installed we are running at maybe 20% of capacity, possibly even that figure is understating the spare capacity we have Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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