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About My Site:
A forum site For mums and dad to chat about kids and parenting and seek
advice and support from other mums and dads and make friends.
Nice friendly staff And Members

Staff Members:

I am admin on there , also theres a another admin on there called jane .

Posts to look out for:

Loads of different posts from being pregs to looking after your child and school times . Also big brother talk coming soon .

Other Info:

Whats going on in the news ???

On the box
Favourite tv programmes share about them here ?
Father Of Three
Want to talk about what kind of music is out there and whos into what music ?
Health and Diet
Share your diets and talk about your health here ..
Sex and Relationships
Discuss relationships in here and seek advice and support from other members .
Shopping and Fashion
Let's talk about looking good, keeping in style, and Shopping :0)
Technology and gadgets
discuss about technology and gadgets: TV sets, mobile phones, software .
Share your household Tips And Products here
Things that go bump in the night
Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe in the afterlife? Is ET watching us? What about Big Foot, he is real or just a man in a monkey suit?
As you can see loads to talk about , come along yourself and join in . Forum Index -> Post your forum
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