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Yay Google?

Well, though it's no longer on the MYFF servers, I just wanted to share... My forum has reached page 2 on google, when searching for the name O_O

Not that it's a major achievement, since you'd need to know the name to find it there, but still a good showing to make it there.

And a clan site that I've been helping set up is on page 5, even though the domain is relatively new.  But still gotta know the name to find it like that right now.

Ditto, well sort of.

When i type football italia into google, it gives the drop-down suggestion football italia forum

Excellente no!  

When I search 'free forum' on Google, MFF appears on only page 9. A little disappointing if you ask me. And the description of it is about donating. Maybe not the message you want to put out when you want someone to create a free forum.

Indeed it isnt Viper. Infact, if that was the first thing i saw while looking for a free forum a few years back, i wouldnt of given MFF the light of day. Makes it seem like they only want money if thats the first thing that is advertised.

Anyway, on topic; Anything is seach-able if you know the name, so not really an achievement.

<subject matter> my forum is just after the official website,  <subject matter> forum is top


Appears as number one spot, even knocks out some website lol and a few others that have howtodoit in the main domain..
myff admin

howtodoit is a real achievement, well done Symon

It really is quite easy to drive obscure terms to the top of google. But no one will find unless they know already.

BTW I OWN "downsizer" on google Forum Index -> Off Topic
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