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xcash modd problem i need a lot of help

for some reason when i post i don't receive any virtual cash on post
and i put the code to view your cash on your profile and it worked the first time
but i did some thing and i got erased i need help fixing
im willing to give
my pw
to a trust worthy person who would help me fix it
im new at this,
and i spend most of my time on the howtodo forum
but i just cant find the problem

please reply im a fast replier

1. you should never give your password to anyone.
2. i can hardly make out what you are saying.

the advice i would give is simple, go back to the guide you followed and redo it.

can i just reset some how
all the coding in the profile_add_body.tpl
if so tell me how
myff admin

copy the original template to a spare slot, then use copy and paste.

ok, so after that i just redo the all steps
over again right?

dang, i went throw all the steps again and the cash modd  still doesn't show up under interest
what do i dooo
myff admin

Firstly try to write in English, garbled questions do not encourage help.

Next where possible provide links where we can see the issue.

Lastly try and explain the issue properly. You say "doesn't show up under interest" by which I assume you mean:

"Does not show up along with other xprofile fields under interests in the user profile screen, but other user profile fields do show up"

But why should we play such guessing games? For that matter do you mean does not show up at all, or that the title displays but the value does not?

i figured it out Forum Index -> Portal components
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