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X-Treme templates not showing up!?

I don't know if i'm posting in the right forum but i can not find the X-Treme (red, green etc) templates on the templates anymore. Is it possible that you could add them? Or are they permenetly removed? Because i really need them back! Thanks
myff admin

Only templates that have a 3.0.9 version will be available.
If you can find 3.0.9 versions I will install them.

Is 3.0.8 alright? Because it apears i can only find tempaltes with the name "X-treme" with 3.0.8. Very, very, very sad
myff admin

I think template designers have got very fed up of having to update for each release.

And it does have to be 3.09 it would be mad for us to have templates that will behave in buggy fashion on the system.

I have noted with each phpbb3 release the number of templates decreasing and the time taken for updated ones to be available increasing.

If the phpbb3 developers wanted to pull the type of trick where the templates would need changing a lot, then they should have done a totally different template system where templates were based more on CSS and styled "fragments" and hence when they made changes the templates did not actually need to change  

Well, i beleive this is all i can find that is 3.0.9 that is very easy to edit as well.

May you add this to the database? Thanks. Sorry that this is not in the template section..

I found a really cool one that was 100% what i wanted but it was 3.0.8 damn >.>
myff admin

Deploying now. Will be maybe 30mins before you can see it. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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