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myff admin

wow - myfreefriends messaging almost live

In theory just one fairly trivial function needs writing

The function that takes what someone has typed, saves it and refreshes the message area.

It does make it very tempting to put something on show quickly.
myff admin

All enough written now to be live, but it is dead.

I am not sure why, but the thing I tell people on these forums constantly is to get the html reasonably valid, as once it is badly invalid you cannot focus on actual issues. Well I was on well over 100 errors, now done to 91, and don't see the point of trying to get things to actually work until things are a lot more sane than that.

rather frustrating though, as I can't wait to see this working.
myff admin

One somewhat fussy error left in the general code and still no joy.

But of course the page is mainly inline generated html and hence there is probably a lot lurking that will need special finding.
myff admin

Chat now live

Though this now shows the need for some more cosmetic work to make it work nicely. Probably involves a lot of work on the javascript. Something is slow and browser compatibility needs testing.
myff admin

Still probably have not got to the bottom of performance issues

But the cosmetics are all looking a lot better, little things like making a chat box resize itself to fit the window size, let alone the fact that you can resize the window the way you can are actually pretty tricksie things.

I guess the commenting bit is next, as I see it exchanging messages with a single user, sending comments, and group chats are all very much the same thing.
myff admin

comments are now live in a couple of views, leaving I think one more view to do.

I think this marks my first use of class inheritance in php that I have written myself and one of the first times I have used nested levels of class inheritance ever

I am hardly a "class" virgin, I was using objects the hard way in 'c' long before they became fashionable. I still have the code for a lovely vector graphics package I wrote that would drive an X windows display and a HP or CALCOMP plotter, all you had to do was provide a drive routine to draw a line and change colour and library could do comprensibly all that was needed including optimizing speed of plotting on a device with pen swaps involved.
You could add higher level calls for things like shape filling if the underlying drives supported it, or let the package do the work

But for all that I have never been obsessed with thinking everything in programming is an object, plenty of things are but the cases where you really need "a extends b extends c" do tend to be pretty rare.
myff admin

I now have a reasonably clear idea on the chat interface itself, firstly though 6 existing tabs and a window are going to get combined into 3 tabs, I think I got a bit carried away somewhere

Still I do find it far better and easier to build interfaces and rebuild them, than spend hours of fruitless thinking and discussion on them, interfaces are simply tactile things that are much easier to understand whether they are good or bad by actually using them. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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