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myff admin

worse than phpbb3

The catalog portal permissions.

Actually I don't really mean that, whilst they are heavy handed in the way they there are separate permissions for:

admin - ability to black/white list users.
catalog - write entries.
moderated - whose entries need approval.
approval rights - who can approve entires.
delete - who can delete entries.

I think it ends up clearer and more powerful than being vaguer about it.
myff admin

Just realised that I have not been writing the not display side of this as a fully embeddable portal component. e.g. it would not as it stands be possible to place the admin functions in a post or webpage. Does that matter? not sure really. I was wondering about whether showing items in need of approval in a thread would be handy, but people still have to get to that thread, so what would be the advantage?

I guess the real advantage is that consistency is always something to strive for.

So some recoding is needed to get the job done right. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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