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will mods from here work ?


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Quite frankly im very disappointed in the phpbb3 forums on here now, the howtodoit page no longer works, there is never anything new added that us forum users can use in a cosmetic way, so my question is will mods from this site work ?

Not even a reply,honestly this place is going downhill rather fast compared what it used to be like years ago.
myff admin

Complaining in under two hours on a free support forum on a Saturday when the issue is not even a problem with a forum not working. Be reasonable.

If you give the mod you like the look of, and ask if it can be included, as always admin will make a decision about the mod you wish and will inform you of the decision.

Why don't you just ask for what it is you want instead of trying to find a reason to complain?

There have been some issues recently due to some issues that have been plainly posted by admin, he's done his best to rectify them, and they've been rectified, all forums are functioning well and without problems.  If you're having a problem, report it so it can be looked at.

Not having any specifc problem however every other site that runs phpbb3 forums has all the cosmetic stuff portals ect, we have basic boards which are great and really appreciated however its like no one is interested anymore in the phpbb3 users here, i mean even the howtodoit for phpbb3 isnt even working now , so we cant try to add portals ect.
myff admin

howtodoit should be back online shortly, no one had reported a problem with it.

Our policy on phpbb3 was the judgement that the initial release was so poor that any mods we made would probably get messed up by maintenance releases.

This was a pretty reasonable call given that in practically every maintenance release even styles have been made buggy by those releases.

Sadly though the core has not really undergone many useful improvements, and I doubt anything major is going to happen now.

It should also be noted that since the release of phpbb3 we have ended up going from having a very few servers to having had to architect growth to what will be over 160 servers next week. That has massively impacted the ability to develop the forums On one level that's not a problem if you are on our phpbb2 systems as I think they do 99.5% of what a forum needs to do very well. Not so good on phpbb3 but we have always recommended staying away from phpbb3 until we really develop it, and even with all the time in the world I am not sure if much more would have been done with phpbb3 yet.

I think our best policy now is to wait for the next maintenance release which I expect will be soon, and then to basically bite the bullet and start forking/modding.

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