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widgets for your forum

hi, need to know what I have to Do in order  to allow members to place widgets in thier posts.  I understand that you have to have full html enabled, is this correct and how is it Done Dave.
myff admin

I have no idea what a widget is? At least not in the conext of a forum post.

we would nerd example code, so we can see what needs to be allowed

wonderful world of symon wrote:
Admin Panel - General Admin - Configuration

This is really the nerve center of your forum so please be careful.

Allow HTML
This enables you to turn off or on the use of HTML codes, remember if you wish to use chat boxes radios and fancy HTML codes this must be set to enable.

Allowed HTML tags
This were you allow what codes you wish to be used on your forum.

For eg, if you wish to use the
tag then center must be entered in that box, also a very popular one is which allows you to play videos or radio on the forum, again embed must be entered in this box.
Also please remember to separate each code with a comma for eg.


Also please remember that each user must have the allow html code ticked in their profile or they will not be able to see them. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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