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myff admin

Why web servers are slow!

The difference between a fast 'c' implementation and the php used by most code on web servers is up to 1000 fold  

We have just installed some new code on a server and unlike most web masters I do check these things out, and lo and behold it is using php for the geo ip lookups   Our own code for the same thing is a 'c' implementation. I can't say I have done a comparative benchmark of our own code to doing it in php, but then I don't feel the need to wonder if a Ferrari is faster than a turtle either. There are simply some things you should not do in php  

Do you know, I was just thinking the exact same thing  
myff admin

What's grating with me is that I probably will need to just grin and bear it.

The code is a plugin for the openx adserver and it would not only take time to improve it, but it would also lumber me with maintaining it, and I can just be pragmatic and acknowledge that like my own system it uses cookies to avoid making the lookup on most accesses.

As such it probably is only going to use 1% or less of the server and so it is not important.

But that sort of logic whilst compelling still appals me, my mindset is still firmly stuck in the days where every cpu cycle mattered. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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