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Where is everyone these days? :(

Back when I was here before this place used to be buzzing with newbies asking for help and chats here there and everywhere but hardly anyone posts anymore

I'm just wondering what's happened..... MYFF in general seems to be getting BETTER with all these new features and things, and it's still free, so I don't understand this decline in activity :O

Unless of course it's now TOO easy to use and hardly anyone needs support any more :P
myff admin

It is a good question, as in terms of forum traffic we are not shrinking, we are basically level pegging.

But I think it is a fact of life that forums are not the growth industry they once were, Facebook is a big factor.

Plus we have made more and more effort with howtodoit, video tutorials, faqs, improved forum searches.... to try and deal with support issues that way.

I think it's a lot easier for people to find what they are looking for these days as Admin says, so the vast majority of questions on here now are from advanced users with trickier questions at the top end of the scale, those that were struggling to get their forum going are now managing much easier, which is a good thing of course.

I reckon over the years all the easier questions have been answered on the support forum so most new members can probably find their questions answered already by searching either the forum or howtodoit

I'm still here. Ever since I joined way back in 2005, I've always popped in and always will. This is the best support site with the best community on the net bar none.

As for people missing in action, is Symon and Zudane still around?
myff admin

Thanks for that Symon and Zudane are MIA currently

But people do have lives to attend to, I doubt they will stay out of touch. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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