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For some reason today i got this weird thing what is it?What does it mean?Im not upgrading so thats out of the question.

You are accessing this forum with [trillian] as part of the url. This may be happening automatically following a move to a new server, or it may be something you are doing as part of a phpbb3 upgrade. If this is not part of an upgrade then be patient and do not bookmark the link, the old links will be working again shortly. If this is part of an upgrade then make sure the owner finalises it in the control panel and selects to redirect to this version of the forum, then once again the link will return to being the old one within 48 hours or so. NEVER BOOKMARK OR PUBLISH THIS LINK IT WILL NOT ALWAYS WORK.
myff admin

Then as stated your forum has been moved.

Moved to where?

chat wrote:
Moved to where?

A new server.

Thanks i thought my forum was a gonner thank god! Forum Index -> Running your community
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