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whats the problem with adverts

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Link fixed, you really don't need all those numbers on your link, the basic link is fine and works just the same

sorry but i must be in a minority about adverts on my site , i would not mind at all if horticulture .countryside companies advertised in moderation on my site so long as the revenue went to MYFF.if it helps keep things going here it cant be a bad thing regs welly

the adverts attempt to tie in with whatever the discussion is about (or they used to, admin been trying different things), so hopefully they'd be useful.

If for example, one of our advertisers was advertising gardening equipment, then hopefully that should appear on a page like yours and with a bit of luck someone on your forum would find it useful to them.  At the end of the day it's someone advertising their wares, and people have done that for many centuries since very early forms of markets.  Nowadays it's a bit more high tech but it's more or less the same thing.

The ads MFF uses are non intrusive so are fine.  It's when ads start popping up and making a nuisance of themselves it becomes a problem.  Going back to the market analogy, a sign above the smithy is no problem but if he starts jumping out in front of you and chucking horseshoes at you then it becomes a problem.

whats wrong with adverts

well i for one will welcome you guys posting  any adverts on my site you want with a horticultural or even garden /farm machinery in it, and you charge them what you like and keep the profits.the service here makes me me want to smile   ( specially for a numb nut like me) ty regs welly

OK, obviously the adverts are there to help keep the free forums free, and fair enough.
But one of the reasons that I have set up a forum is for somewhere to place adverts to try and generate me a little revenue.
Again fair enough, you want paying to remove your adverts so that I can do this.

But it seems to me a bit silly that I would then have to work out how to insert my own adverts when adverts are inserted by default.
Is it not possible to pay the fee, and change the default advert insertion to my adverts?
Alternatively could there be a system where the revenue is shared?

Or have I simply misunderstood how these things work? Forum Index -> Off Topic
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