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What's everyone up to these days?

Wow, it's been a good long minute since I've been here. I was looking though some of my old posts from eight years ago when I joined, laughing at how stupid they were while also being reminded of how much of a life I didn't have at the time. Does anyone here still remember me by any chance? Lol. I see Admin and most(if not all) of the mods from back then are still active, which is pretty cool, so I may just be asking them that question. So anyway, what's new everyone?
myff admin

For my part we are almost complete in moving from Swindon to Southampton where the company that sort of sprung out of a relationship with myff a few years ago now has 180 employees, a strange outcome from a deal scratched out on the back of an envelope in a Pub....

Nice. Whatever works, right? Forum Index -> Off Topic
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