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What googlebot sees

I've searched googlebot and stickys

On my google webmaster page I have a report of what googlebot sees on my site and there is a list of words, some of them are words that are hardly mentioned on the site where as words that are mentioned loads and are relevant are not on the list. I have bot access to all my forums which is on phpbb3.  I have a achieve forum on my site which is updated with a list of content that was added on to the forum each day. Which has loads of keywords that are also in the meta tags, I would like googlebot to see. But I've made each post in there a sticky. Is this a mistake as well? would it be better as a normal post? On my home page of the forum I only have listed these archieve's but it still don't pick any words from these posts.

myff admin

Unless you have a highly evolved knowledge of how google see things, then by trying to deal with this level of detail you are more likely to get your site penalized than listed.

The simple rules that will get you some where are:

1) Good key word loaded forum names and descriptions.
2) Good keyword loaded stickies in each forum.

A glance at your index page shows that you are failing on the basics above, and they are 100x more important than anything else. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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