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What ever happened to CGArts?

I used to be a very active member in this community when it first got up and going back in 2005-2006ish. I used to have a forum called with over 500 active monthly users. But that is the not what I am concerned about. I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the forum

I used to love these guys, and I miss them so if you are out there please try to find me!!!

Does anyone know? I really want to find out what happened to these guys. I would be willing to pay for a talented graphic artist to help me develop some new websites. Please, someone let me know.

I closed it down for various reasons, I and other artists still do artwork for people via the Graphics Hub

I'm sorry to learn about this... So this would kinda be the replacement forum for CGArts then huh? Do artists render things here for free or for link exchange?

For free yes:

There are artists here just waiting for the chance to flex their artistic muscles. So, don't hesitate to let us know what you need, we would be glad to help if we can. It's great practice for us.

I miss CGArts, too. That was a great site.



sorry ive been quiet lately been busy with some other projects.ive been using after effects from forum signatures and avatars.if you want banners or any of the above made up.let me know
Ask Mr. Religion

These graphics arts folks are wonderfully talented. I have used them on several occasions for my site and cannot say enough about their professionalism and their willingness to contribute.

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