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What does this mean?

for some reason when I click on gallery I see this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/httpd/vhosts/ : eval()'d code on line 7

What does this mean? I have been really trying to get my photo box back up like on my sister forum Hickory Moms. I's post the link but you won't see the box until you log in.  SO how do I get rid of that from showing and get my members photo box showing again? I have the  {MYFF.RANDOMIMAGE} in my overall header and it used to be there and then one day I logged in and it was gone. so does anyone have some advise for me? Thank you so much!

bedford Moms
myff admin

The chances are an error exists in the cms_gallery.tpl template.

Try deleting it having saved your edits to your local pc so you can restore the edits.

okay so you want me to delete what is in there now but save it to like notepad or something to readd it? just confused.

Okay, I went to edit templates. I clicked on portal template file to edit. I then clicked on, I selected all then deleted what was there after saving a copy of what was in there. after I erased what was there I then readded it back. But that stuff is still there. I don't think I am doing it right or understanding what you are saying.
myff admin

That one was the obvious choice, and it sounds like you did the right thing.

Can you as a next step copy the template to a test template slot, and set the test template to be the default.

To locate this error I need to go into your forum and make edits to try and figure this out. If I do it on a test template it will not effect your work.

Can you also add another picture to the gallery it appears there is only one?
Christina G

Yeah I will add another pic and I will do a test one under editor.  If it is something that you do for me Just send me a pm on the forum and i'll let y ou know whatever you need to.
myff admin

JUst tell me the name of the template I can play with using the editor account.
Christina G

you can use the myff_bedfordmoms1 as the test template. I have an editor so do you want me to delete that one so you can create one?

Also while in there, something got screwed up for the attach file thing to upload a pic. there are 3 attach files thing but yet I can't seem to get it to work right.  I tried fooling around with it but can't seem to figure that one out either.

Thank you for your help and hope you have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!
myff admin

The cms_randomimage.tpl file contain errors possibly due to a space being in the portal name when it was created.

This is now fix in template1 which was copied from template3. Forum Index -> Portal components
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