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What does my forum need?

Here is the link to my forum, SNIPED: The Ultimate Shooter Message Boards.

I need to know what does it need? What can I do to get more people on it? Why wont people sign up? I am also having trouble with people that just sign up and never log in or post. What can I do?


Well, the forum style doesn't seem too attractive to me, but that isn't THAT major of a drawback.  I think the problem is that it's too broad a topic.  People might want to join for Halo conversation, but most people there only want to talk about CoD.

I understand wanting to have so many game discussions available, but you'd need a sufficient amount of people to join for EACH game to make it worth while.

I see what you are saying. But how do I get these members that want to talk about Halo, etc?

Well, what I meant is this...

If your forum is about halo, everybody that joins wants to talk about halo.  If your forum is about 20 different games you could have 20 people join, and none of them want to talk about the same game.  Really you'd need 20 times as many people to get the same activity.

Does that make sense?  You don't want too few or too many different games.  You want to be the place people come to for ______.  The place people go to for general game discussion is filled pretty easily by gaming magazines and what not, so you want to be the place for a specific game.

In layman's terms: Narrow the forum topics.

Basically, yes.

For each forum to be popular, you'd need 5 people to post in it (just an example, you probably would need more, unless the 5 are very active).  If you have 5 games to talk about, then you'd need only 25 people to keep all the forums active.   But if you have 20 games, you'd need 100 people to keep all the forums active.

There really is a major difference there.  Limit it down and be the place to go to for whichever few games are your favorites - then you'll have something to say in those forums.

Ahh I see what you are saying now. I changed the style, is it any better?

Alright, I deleted some of the forums, bots, and useless posts. How is it now?


You might consider changing the giant orange buttons and the logo at the top to match the theme - but they aren't too bad, the orange buttons sorta-fit with the theme and the logo is.. well, a logo.  But it looks good either way, just something to consider.

Otherwise it looks great, you just need people to join and post!  Note: it may take time, I had my forum over a year before it picked up more... I also wasn't advertising it too much at first though.

Thank you for helping me Zudane. You have no clue how much it is appreciated.

It's no problem!  I've done work on forums enough to know how to make them look good, but I still lack in advertisement.  But lately I've been working on that more - and with a book coming out soon that has the forum url in it.. I am hoping it'll help!

I am sure it will. I hope it works for your sake. Any advertisment tips for me? Forum Index -> Running your community
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