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What does it need????
Okay so after i made the site a little better[added the logo and search function oh and posts]
Anyway the site was ment to be for bees and wasps but after my little bit of research i found out that ants can in fact
sting so i added the ant section.Im trying to post equaly in every catagorie.So my question is how does it look so far?
What kind of changes should i make?How do i advertise the site?How many posts should i make before considering advertising it on other forums?Ill ask more questions later on.

Interesting template, has a nice look but the 3/2 thing will confuse a lot of people.  As well learn to use spaces in ways besides making titles stand out.  You have a space between each letter, but no double/triple space between words - making it blend into a single word.  Likewise you have the title of one of the categories as "thebigsting" when it should be "the big sting"

Besides that, don't expect this to jump to life, like I said in your other thread... entomology does not have a huge fanbase.  You'll have to work hard and SLOWLY grow this forum up to be something well known.  If you don't have that kind of dedication - I suggest a new topic for your forum, or join an already successful one.

Your Theme looks good - the colour is easy on the eye, and the layout is clear, on the whole.

Now, that title. It has to be alloneword in the URL because computers are stupid - but many humans would find it more readable, pronounceable and memorable if you made the actual page title The Big Sting! - or something along those lines. Once you've decided, make it consistent. At least at the beginning, while your page is new, it should always take the same form. Don't leave off the exclamation mark on the end, for example. If it's exactly the same every time, it will stick in people's memories, so they'll know what they're coming back for.

Spelling matters. I know that isn't a fashionable view nowadays, but if you want people to be able to search for you, you must get your spelling right - or their searches simply won't find you. If your own spelling is a bit shaky, use a spellchecker - you can get one built into Firefox, so that every time you type a word it will underline it in red if it's wrong. You can add new words to the dictionary, if you're using technical or jargon words which it won't know. Make sure the spelling is right, right-click and add it to the dictionary, then it will notice if you miss a letter next time.

Punctuation is important too - it makes the whole thing so much easier to read. For example, your Introduction post reads like this:

Welcome to TheBigSting i hope you injoy this site this thread is for all members to introduce themselfs.Hi im the admin of this site and am 14 years old[not very old] and love bombus[bumble bees] i keep two of them so far.

I would correct it to read like this:

Welcome to The Big Sting!

I hope you enjoy this site. This thread is for all members to introduce themselves.

Hi, I'm the admin of this site and am 14 years old (not very old) and love bombus (bumble bees). I keep two of them so far.

One more thing - what do you want your site to be? Is it for those who are new to the subject, so they can come in and learn all they need to know? In that case, you'll need an expert or two on hand, so find someone and invite them along.

Is it for you to learn what you need? Or is it for lots of experts to discuss the fascination of these creatures? Whatever it is, I think you are going to have to do a lot of learning and reading up yourself, so make time for that.

Lastly, don't be in too much of a hurry. If you start off with just you and half a dozen posts, don't expect to have 500 members and 25,000 posts tomorrow - it won't happen. Take time, do a lot of thinking, learning, exploring your subject and enjoying it - invite friends, and invite them to invite others.

If your page is interesting, people will come back. Really that's what it comes down to. Try to add something every day - that will attract the search engines in, and they will put you into their lists of places to look for bees and wasps and ants.

Good luck!

Okay i edited it.Im sorta of a expert and i sorta want it for newbies and experts alike.Also if i do need a expert i know the perfect person.

Okay anymore suggstions?
Ask Mr. Religion

You may want to populate the threads with some starter discussions to get things moving quicker. The site is easy on the eyes. I am a fan of sites that use portals on the left or right or both sides of the forums. For example:

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