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What are they??

What are poison keywords , IMO they dont sound a good thing to have in your metatags


myff admin

Nothing to be over paraniod about, the theory goes that some search engines down rate pages based on so called "poison" keywords, or which "forum" was reputed to be one.

But in my view the evidence for this currently happening is tenuous and you are better off remember the core rule "content is king" good content never dies and remains good througout changes in search engines.

cheers mate , I was a tad worried as 'forum' to me is the KEYword. Wink


Also, I dont know where you heard about poison keywords but 9 times out of 10, if you have a look where the information is actually coming from, there is usually a company who just happens to provide a solution.

Im sure that I dont need to say that these companies should be avoided at all costs. Type SEO into google. I bet theyre not there.

Anyone can SEO. Its mainly a matter of putting time in to what admin pointed out. 'Content' Good quality content.

I would recommend doing a search to find some good info regarding
'keyword density'
There is a fine line between quality content and crap. Understanding 'keyword density' will help you tremendously. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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