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Caden Brewer

What am i missing?

How can i get more people to come and visit or at least take a look.

What  am i missing?

i know its inactive thats why i need a few members to help get it started again me and hoffer are doing as much as possible we have updated changed deleted plus edited tons of stuff!

There tons of guides tell us if you need one and we will surely find one on there if you need also there is a halo information center to help you learn i hope some of things help us become active again.

Please please please please help me
myff admin

One of the unfortunate issues is that you have gone to phpbb3 and hence lost any search engine rank and are now stuck without the search engine optimization we have on phpbb2. phpbb3 has no SEO unless a hack for it is added and there are lots of competing hacks around currently hence what with all the other updates going on with phpbb3 we are in no hurry to put one in
Caden Brewer

So i should go back to phpbb2 to b number on on google again?
Caden Brewer

admin how can i get back everything i had on phpbb3 to phpbb2 cuz now i will have to restart if i cant....
myff admin

What was there will not have been deleted. Any new posts would have to be re-entered.
Caden Brewer

cause we had like 70 new guides and i guess we will have to restart the whole thing over but thank you admin!
Caden Brewer

Ok thanks everyone please view it now tell me what you think, then tell me what i can delete, edit, move, add or anything else.

Please read this also: http://halofanforum.myfastforum.o...=5775644578dbbb88a7856ef0c1df15a7 Forum Index -> Running your community
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