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Weird code showing up

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Hi, I've looked around and can't find a reference to this (although not to sure what exactly it would come under to be honest) but for the last few days I've been getting weird text show at the top of my page. The text is "if(Math.floor((Math.random()*10000)) == 123) { document.write("" and it shows up where advertisements usually show, here's a screen shot for reference:

It shows on every page so first checked my Overall header but it's not coming from there so had a look at the source in IE and from what I can tell it is coming from this file

which is external from my site. I came here to post this and noticed that it is showing here too

I though maybe it was a problem on my computer so got a friend to check on her WiiU and it shows for her too so is it a bug Admin are already aware of?


myff admin

Thanks for the report.

No prob, as an aside not sure if it makes a difference but I noticed today that the text only shows up if you are logged in, when I log out of here or my own site it disappears  
myff admin

Oh so still happening? a fix to a tag did go in. Is it exactly the same?

myff admin wrote:
Oh so still happening? a fix to a tag did go in. Is it exactly the same?

Yep still there, it's still showing up here for me aswell

Just to let you know it's fixed now, thanks guys  Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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