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Website Question


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Hi Guys, Been a while since I've Posted here but I have a question.

As You Know, I run a Forum with you but what I'd Like to know is, is It possible to create Websites with Myff?

I have been asked to create a website for someone for their Business, they need it as their Online Shop where people would be able to see the Products and order and pay online.

Is this Possible  with the MYFF System , and if so, is it as easy to set up and customise as the Forums are?

Thanks , Louise.x
myff admin

Difficult question.

Yes you can create web pages, yes you can create an online shop. We do our own online shop for ad free via the forums system, so it works and works well for what we need.

Would I recommend a myff forum for a fully fledged ecommerce system? Probably not! It depends very much on what is needed.

If you want fully fledged hosting that can be linked to a myff forum, and are prepared to pay by the year, then we can offer that. But that is a "blank slate" you need to know what you are doing to turn a blank slate into a shop.

I,ll just jump in ....

For a few years i run a website using the webpage feature and used the myff shop on it,, it was not for me i set it up for a family member,,..

The site is closed now as a new venture was started, but it did work really well, no payments were lost and all customers were happy.

Interesting -  I'll look in to this some more I think.

Thanks for the replies both Admin & Symon x Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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