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Webpage template problem

I am trying to upload a Template for my webpages but its not working. I have followed all the instractions to a t but i keep getting the following error message.


Error: [Missing archive file '']

How can i solve this?


myff admin

Template are not standard web templates, so just uploading something may not work.
Can you give us a link? I may add it as we have not added web templates for a long time.

its no longer needed as i have a new template in mind.  

i just tried installing another template and now im getting an error
Could not load xml:./../webpages/myfreeforum/90943/webtemplates/highway/

Iv tried creating all the folders and installing all the files seperatly and still not working. i no longer get the error but instead i just get a white page with text and no images.

What I get >

What Im meant to get > ( without the top frame )

template information can be found As far as i know it should work with the forum web pages.

Anyone got any ideas, or solutions?


hey, sorry about me before i was annoying didn't know what i was on about,
got all the coding write and got the webpage working, but i have got the coding to go to a section called "legend"
all the coding is refereed to the right place but each time it comes up as the home page nothing else it never actually changes
to the page with the legend stuff in it,
any help would be great:)
myff admin

You are still not even bothering to follow point 1 of the posting check list, or even to proof read your posts to get them into vaguely coherent English.
You can get good support here, or you can manage to develop a reputation as a time waster who cannot be helped.

sorry if i am im just after help, im not trying to deliberately time waste
but when im on the home page and i click to another page e.g. "code of conduct"
it just takes me back to the home page,
Iv gone over the coding and it seems correct
myff admin

Very last chance on this thread. Follow point one of the posting checklist. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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