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We're looking to use it ,

Yes You Can No You Can't
Create a forum, that promotes your business. Building a community, within which you will have links posted to your own and other web sites.sites. Create a forum with no intention of building a community, simply to fill it with link spam to your own or other web sites
Post links to media available on or other legitimate services where media is publically available and policed for copyright and other violations by those services. Promote warez.
Post links to copyright material on file sharing or other services that are not regarded as reputable public operations that take full responsibility for material on their servers.
You can be "attacked" by guests or members posting material that contravenes our terms and condtions. But you must delete such posts in a timely manner and deal with any member deemed responsible. Ignore your responsiblity to keep your forum operating within the terms and conditions.

We're looking to use it ,
myff admin

Sorry all I see there is a link farm, set up with SEO in mind.
I do not believe this is intended for community.
myff admin

good grief and the moron above could not even resist spamming here  Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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