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Wave Forum

Why was this forum suspended?
myff admin

That was more than three years ago! I'd guess it was not maintained and was being spammed.

Can I have it opened to start running it?

I saw an ad on YouTube about this site and I saw it was closed so I was just wondering if I could have it opened so I could run it please.

DJ Steve
myff admin

Sorry we can't just hand over ownership like that.

What do I have to do be the owner?
myff admin

You have no connection with this forum, so there is no mechanism for you to take over.

So there's no way I can to over?

The only way you could take over a forum is for you to post a message on that forum and have the members agree.

Since the forum is closed there is no way that can happen.

If you know the owner then again you can get them to give you the password to the admins panel and take control.

The reason we do not just hand over forums even if they are closed is because some people have issues in the real world and their forums are not their main concern, sometimes even after years they come back and reopen them.
myff admin

Ownership also means you have access to peoples email addresses which means there must be a certain amount of trust. Someone unknown to existing members plainly has no relationship to base trust on. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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