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Watch this forum for new topics does not work on my forum

This is my free forum

The watch this forum for new topics does not work. No emails are sent out to members if someone posts. It use to work just fine by sending out a email to everyone that wanted to know if a new topic was added or replies come in.
What is wrong with my Forum???????????
How to fix it???????
Any help would be greatlly apprecited.
Keith Yedica

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Tracking, watch this forum

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myff admin

No forum is different to another, so I expect you need to narrow down on where the issue occurs, e.g. what the email domains involved are.

It only does not work on the    watch this forum.
If a person clicks on watch this forum he or she should get a email if they are a member  if anyone post to that forum?
This use to work on my forum but now it does not. I have no idea what is causing this that is why I am here asking if anyone else had this problem.
All my members have stated they do not recieve a email anymore when I post items in any of the forums.
This one got me stumped
myff admin

You need to look at this page on your forum: Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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