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I have made the site today and asked a friend of mine to join
here is the forum stactics
2 members
14 posts
the forum is about wasp bees hornets and other insects.

Just like your many many other forums, you'll need more content and members, and a broader topic before you'll get many people joining.

Stick with a single topic, such as insects in general, and then go from there.

And also.. your title is wrong, it's not, it's

That is the title of the forum at the top of the forum index.,My friend is willing to help me out a lot so i think i'll get more members and more posts.

Just because you call it doesn't make it

You would need to BUY the domain, then link it to your forum.

Oh okay never mind then.

Seriously, how many forums have you made? If you make a new bug forum every other day, of course nobody is going to join.

This is going to be my last fourm i have learned that it takes too long to make fourm after fourm so this is my last one.

If you just make one forum that encompasses all your insect/worm interests I am sure it will become very popular and busy.  You don't need a whole new forum for an extra animal.

Ah in other words lets say i like roaches[no i dont like them they are creepy]i just add another thing to my forum,correct?
myff admin


Well i did just that i added every animal i could think of and then a other section just in case i forgot one.

75 posts
2 members[im working on it]

Go to the off-topic forum, there is a sticky there that is the A-Z of a good forum.  I'd say to read through that.

You went from multiple sites each about a single bug, to a single site with two dozen forums in it.

If you don't have the attention span to read through that guide though, then I don't think you have the makings for a good forum admin.

Ill read it later i need to eat first.

Okay i read it. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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