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Want a header/logo for your forum?

Roll up roll up

Post up, let us know you want a header for your forum and arty people will hopefully oblige.

Remember to let us know what size you want for your header, or if not sure, make sure your forum is on the template you wish to use when you link it, and we'll just make it the same size as the default one.

If you're new to this kind of thing, here is a short tutorial (phpbb2) on how to actually put your logo on once you have it made for you:


Remember to link to your forum, and if there are a few choices given, please remember to come back and let us know which was your favourite.

Artists, we will keep track of things and sort some kind of suitable prizes out next year for the most active/best artists.  As well as sharing art resources, tips and tricks!

You can also ask for banners, avatars, signatures and the like.  Rank sets and button sets require much more work, so while people may make them, it is less likely (still possible so no harm asking).  Remember there is no guarantee of work being done, it is on a voluntary basis and depends what artists are available at the time of your request


Im happy to help anyone that needs a header for they site or even a signature Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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