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voting poll


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can you please help me make the voting poll open to public voting.
i am requesting that it be public in the admin panel and selecting all and unique vote but it keeps telling me that to vote the user has to be registered.

any help would be appreciated.


oops sorry i think i might have put this in the wrong place.
myff admin

You can set whether guests can see polls, but guest can NEVER vote.

thats a shame but thanks anyway


It's a bit hard to have a public vote that is accurate, and if it's not accurate, why do it?

There are only two ways to select if a guest is 'unique' and either one can both block people and be avoided.  Using a cookie is one way to mark when a guest has voted, but other users of the same computer could then not vote.  At the same point the cookie could be cleared and the guest can revote.

Tracking IP addresses could work, but it can block any other user with the same IP address, which if the original voter reconnects with a dynamic IP then another guest could then be told they already voted when they didn't.  This could be bypassed through reconnecting to the internet (if the person has a dynamic IP) or if the guest uses a proxy which can change the IP address.

So, that's the long answer... in short: it's just not feasible. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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