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Caden Brewer

Videos are loading slow on computer

Idk if its just me but for like 2 weeks now  videos have been running slow for me some sites are google video, youtube metacafe and site like that
myff admin

More and more ISPs are traffic shaping and otherwise limiting bandwidth to hit heavy video users.
Caden Brewer

so theres no way i can fix this then.

Get ahold of your ISP.  It's on your internet provider's end.

It could be more then ISP...
- Update Flash
- Update your Browser
- See if their is any programs that are hogging your bandwidth (e.g IM chatters among other fun things)
- Virus/Malware scan
- Check your processor activity

Some lesser things
- Some higher quality videos can take a lot longer to load, video hosters are having a little competition to see who can have better quality videos

by the way, what is your connection speed? Mine is 786Kpbs and it takes about 5-10 seconds to fully load a HQ youtube video.

It's more than just your bandwidth.  The video has to download and then buffer, and that requires a good connection and good computer to go fast.

If your computer is slow then the video will buffer slowly, even if it could download fast.  If your computer is fast then follow what cody suggested.
Caden Brewer

Ive always took like 5 seconds to load a hq video fully, and like 2 seconds for a regular if i called my internet provider what should i ask?

What happened when it changed from a fast load to a slow load?

Did you install any thing (games, software, browser), or have any other changes around that time?
Caden Brewer

nope nothing
Full Tilt Boogie

Firefox version 3.5 has a special video release feature, in which, after you've downloaded it, it explains the full benefits. Good luck.
Caden Brewer

just went to my cousins they have the same isp as me and theres does the same thing as mine its slow loading at once it gets to a certain point it stops for about 7 seconds the exact same spot.

i think i should call my isp i just dont know what to say Forum Index -> Off Topic
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