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Vetting Forum Membership Applications

Hi Admin Help,

Is there a way I can 'vet' a forum members application prior to their account being activated??  So if its somebody we don't want they can't join??

I am very new to this whole thing, having succeeded in creating a forum for our fledgling motorcycle club (a major effort for me), the last time I was involved in forum maintenace was when MSN ran a 'Groups Area' - so a response including a page of HTML or equivalent will go way over my head (I am studying in my spare time to increase my knowlede of this stuff)........

If there is a simple way to achieve what I want then I can't find it, I used the search tools and input such things as 'vetting, membership moderation, application etc. but none of my searches threw up the information I was seeking.

Any help or insight you can offer will be very much appreciated.

By the way, when I created the forum I did tick the 'Private' box, but having run some tests it still seems I have no control over who is able to join the group.

Thanks in advance

In the admin panel, look under the General > configuration section, and under Enable account activation, set to Admin. Forum Index -> Running your community
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