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Using multiple payment processors

If you want the user to choose between say paypal and google checkout.

You must do this in the shopping basket form.

Add a field like:

<select name="ppr" class="inputbox">
<option value="pp" selected="selected">Paypal</option>
<option value="gc">Google checkout</option>

The overall possible values are:

<option value="virtual">Virtual Shop</option>
<option value="email">Billing by email</option>
<option value="an"> WebConnect</option>
<option value="wp">WorldPay</option>
<option value="lp">LinkPoint</option>
<option value="pp">Paypal</option>
<option value="gc">Google Checkout</option>

next you must tweak the cms_shop.tpl template so that {SHOP_PAYMENTID} is replaced with the appropriate value for the processor, since this is going to be different for say payal and google. Forum Index -> ECommerce support
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