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keith ball

User name changes to Admins in Admin panel

When I go into Admin panel to change something in a User profile. Admin name comes up instead of the Users name. I have a workaround that usually works by altering Config to 'Allow Username changes' and then do the change and revert back afterwards. Unfortunately just tried this again with a User change and it has locked out the User. Not sure what to do here.

myff admin

Make sure that the user is activated.

This sounds to me like your browser has something over enthusiastically filling forms with what it thinks should be there.
keith ball

Thanks for your prompt response. The User is established and I was uploading a new Avatar for him.

I am using Maxthon Browser but I will install Firefox and see if that solves the problem...

Once again thanks and I'll post if the new Browser sorts the problem.
keith ball

Thanks Admin. You were spot on with your answer. Have installed Firefox and sorted the problem immediately.. Brilliant! Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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