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Uploading pictures using Chrome
Searched Ipad
From my Ipad I can upload photos using the attach file option, using Safari. With Chrome the pictures are uploaded to the gallery. Is there a fix for this please?

I`m not understanding the problem here..

All pictures uploaded to your forum, are uploaded to the gallery ?

Can you explain more, are you talking forum pictures or website pictures ?

Hi Symon
When you upload a picture using attach file it appears in the post, thus:

Using chrome from an Ipad they don't appear in the post, only in the gallery
myff admin

I'd see this more as a chrome bug, is there any javascript debug logging you can supply?

I agree that it's probably a chrome thing, I'll advise the member to just post with Safari. No javascript log

It would be helpful to all , if you can get that person to send you a debug report when uploading pictures , so Admin can see if there is anything that can be done about this.

G'day Symon
I try to be as helpful as possible with this stuff, but the guy with the problems is well over 70 and just about knows how to get his Ipad going. If I mention de bug report the Ipad will probably go out the window Wink Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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