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Would it be too difficult to make a secondary attachment portal, or rather upload portal, for uploading to gallery directly instead of to a post? or possibly incorporate an "attachment" upload button it into the new mygallery portal? If not, no biggy, it would just be nice. i tried adding the attachment portal into mygallery, but, as i figured, it didnt work because it had nothing to attach to lol. if there is already something like this, i apologize because i seem to be missing it then.

Thanks again.

p.s. feel free to use Test profile again if needed, its no longer admin lol, and previous issues resolved.
myff admin

Definitely a good idea.

Almost certainly there before the weekend if not sooner.
myff admin

My current thinking is that the gallery display and an upload are solidly married, you are very very likely to want to show both, as such the new function should be part of the gallery portal and the gallery portal should have check boxes as to what options it is showing. e.g. gallery or upload or both. You will be able to tweak the template for exactly how they will show.
myff admin

I'm sure you don't want a blow by blow account  

But the code is written and awaiting testing. But that will be for tomorrow at the earliest.

admin, you are the greatest! Thank you so much for all your support!
myff admin

Office testing seems to work, though the gallery is actually one of those few areas where things are not set up for full testing in the office.

Next stage is to test on the trillian server. I'm in no hurry to do this, as I'm still trying to muse a little more on what is being done here. Better to wait a few more hours or even a day or two than end up committed to something that could be done a little better differently.

For example I have at the moment a single switch for where the resize/rotate options show, which seems the right level of switch to me as in my view you either want to allow image manipulation on upload or you don't.

There are not switches for some other things you might want to do, as in my view they are more sensibly handled using the fact that you can edit the gallery template for yourself anyway.

Sounds perfectly alright to me.

Personally i think the ability to manipulate an image during upload is an awesome feature, not necessary as most other forums do not have those features, but at the same time increadably useful.

There were a few issues some of my team mates for my forum brought up to me to ask you about:
One was the ability to upload .png files that have transparency. the transparency shows up all pixelated and muttled. This link should show what i mean - Picture - The area behind the head is supposed to be transparent but as you can see it looks like grey plaid which occured after/during upload. I did not apply any of the manipulation options during upload either. now, i can completely understand if you say that it would be too much effort to change this and that we should just not upload transparency because i do somewhat understand the workings of programming, but if its not too difficult, it would be well appreciated

Two, was the option for a download counter, which after i mulled it over all day, i saw the only way for that to even work is if you set an option to force all attachments to be displayed in thumbnail view, which the counter would count each time the new window openned to show the thumbnail. This is what i assume other forums do, and obviously is completely innaccurate, so i suggested another manual counting method using voting or something... Unless you can think of another way, maybe onRightClick? i really dont know.

Other than that, in direct reply to your post, the only thing i can think of that would be better would be radio choices to choose which manipulations are allowed: O Yes  O No

"My current thinking is that the gallery display and an upload are solidly married"

either that or you could make it a portal just like Attachment is in case someone wants to move it or something. Not me personally cause id like it in the gallery, but just thought youd want to follow suit with previous work: Attachment = portal, Upload = portal, since they are pretty much the same thing when it comes to uploading to the gallery. /EDIT

You take your time admin! Were still just setting up before we start inviting the crowd in, so we got time. Appreciate all the support and consideration!

myff admin

Can I assume that the transparency issue occurs if a resize or other manipulation is done?

If not then it will be a browser rendering issue as the file will not have been altered, if it has been manipulated then trying to fix the issue would be very scary, the manipulation code is tricky enough already.

Counting is also a very hard area to get right (as in accurate), and you have to remember that it actually CANNOT be got right without us using "no-cache" options to try and prevent any web proxies caching files. This is obviously something we don't want to do as we want to save bandwidth.

Another notable point on image manipulation is that doing it server side is a lousy way of doing things as the full size file needs uploading first There is absolutely no way with current web standards of us doing it client side without browser specific adds on and all the security issues that are involved in them

No problem at all admin, those were pretty much the answers i expected. Just wanted to confirm so my team will stop pestering me about them.

As for the png thing, i did say that no manipulations were used. Just straight attachement. So im not sure whats going on.  
MYFF Fangirl

Hello, myff admin! I am also from K's forum, and I wanted to thank you for your kindness and support for us! We hope to make myfreeforum our happy little home and you are making it possible! It's also nice to know we have someone reliable to depend on, so, thank you very much! Your help is greatly appreciated!

-Officer Jenny
myff admin

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