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U1bd2005 Guide: When and how should I hire new mods/admins?

When and how should I hire new mods/admins?


Should I hire new mods when first starting my forum? No, there is no need to go hiring mods this early in your forums life, it may seem like a good way to get new members by offering them free mod status, but this isn't needed and could possibly backfire.

So when should I hire new mods? You only need to hire a new moderator when you find yourself to be struggling to keep up with the number of posts being made and feel that you need some help keeping track of things.

Who should I hire as a mod? You should hire someone who has been at your forum for a while, is pretty active in your community, gets along well with other members, and most importantly someone who you can trust.

Is it a good idea to hold applications for new mods? This idea seems to be popular on some boards, but has a big chance of backfiring, if you are taking applications for new moderators the applicant can tell you anything they want in order to get the position.


When should I hire new administrators? Generally a forum only really needs 1 administrator, if the time does come that you believe your forum really needs a second administrator be very careful, and only hire someone you trust 100%. An administrator has the power to delete your whole forum content in a matter of seconds.

Someone I knows says he can edit my template for me if I make him an admin. No, don't give them admin status, unless you know you can totally trust them 100% then this has a very high risk of backfiring. You can head over to the support forum or howtodoit for all the help you need to edit your templates yourself.

What result can making the wrong decision make?
If you hire the wrong person as a moderator they have the power to delete all your forums posts, they also have the power to edit other peoples posts to cause trouble if they want to.

Hiring the wrong person as admin can have a devastating effect on your forum, they can delete everything on your forum within seconds, they can edit your template to make your forum unusable if they wish to, they can send mass emails out to your members either for annoyance or to advertise other sites if they wish to, they also have the power to edit members details in their profiles, delete users and much more.

So think carefully when hiring moderators or administrators for your forum.
myff admin

Generally correct points, but I do feel you miss out on the fact that appointing mods and occasionally even admins   can be a way of focusing peoples sense of belonging and hence their efforts for a forum.

e.g. If someone is slogging their guts out helping your forum, then mod status may be offered even if the modding workload does not require it.  "mod" status is a recognised "rank" in the forums world and therefore is important to a lot of people.

Even on the support forum, the actual strict "modding" workload does not in justify the number of mods, this is not particularly because our mods demand that status, but because it is a title that site visitors will recognise and respond to, and I certainly think that that recognition is deserved and would not be achieved as well by other means.

I just wanna add you should hire a person who knows a lot about the subject of the forum ex:an ant forum dont make a rookie a mod as he/she would not be able to help with the hard questions. Forum Index -> Running your community
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