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U1bd2005 Guide: How to come up with good forum descriptions.

How to come up with good forum descriptions.

Ok, some people tend to think stealing forum descriptions from other similar forums is an easy thing to do, this however isn't very nice on the people who thought out and wrote those descriptions to help make their forum successful.

So heres a little guide to help you come up with your own informative and quality descriptions.

1. Think of your forum section name (e.g. Latest News)
2. Make a note of some informative descriptive words that would suit the section name (News, Important, Updates, Forum, Latest, Etc...)
3. Now you have to put these into a short and informative sentance.
View the latest news and learn of any important updates within our forum.

Here are a few more examples to show you how easy it is.

Forum Section Name: Forum Games
Descriptive Words: Games, Fun, Challenges, Role Play.
Sentance: Join in the fun and play various games with our other members, join in the role-plays and compete in many challenges.

Forum Section Name: General Chat
Descriptive Words: Chat, Relax, Engage.
Sentance: Come and relax with the other members and engage in chat about the topic of your choosing.

Other Tips
1. Double check your spelling, it can make your forum look very unprofessional if you have bad spelling, if you are unsure just copy and paste it into microsoft word or another program with a spell-check feature.

Hopefully after reading this short guide people will realise how easy it is to come up with your own forum descriptions and maybe think twice next time they think "oooh, that description would sound good on my forum."
myff admin

It is laziness and poor planning, not to mention immoral to rip off the structure of other peoples forums.

Even when you are setting out to do something similar (and I have been in that situation) it is good to start out with some hard work in this area. It will make your forum a lot more attractive if it looks like it has something genuine to offer and is not just a lame rip off.

Good ideas for it, I had recently changed mine, and I know it's clearer.

And we aren't supposed to ripoff people?  aww...

*cancels idea for ""*
myff admin

We were ripped off like that some time back, a certain idiot thought he could launch his own service and rip off a load of our content.

He even had the nerve to ask for our actual code   I think it must have been one of the fastest crashes and burns in the history of free forums services. They are tough enough to make a success of, even when backed by hard work, knowledge, money and patience. Start one off without any of these assets....


You're joking, right?

Someone tried to rip you off and even asked for your code?      

Zudane wrote:

You're joking, right?

Someone tried to rip you off and even asked for your code?      

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