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Two other things.....

Has anyone had problems with being listed on Yahoo??? the reason I ask is for the last few weeks using three key searches our forum was listed in the top 10 , now we arent even listed , anyone any ideas as to why??

second thing , I did a meta tag check and it said that my forum has too many urls's , will this be a problem ? and will it mean I have to reduce the size of my forum??

myff admin

Really you need to take advice with a pinch of salt, few pages can ever be search engine perfect, especially not forums which are designed for your members and not for search engines.

We have done quite a lot of tweaking including reducing quite drastically the number of urls a search engine will see. We continue to look at improving further.

It is best as a division of labour for forum admins to concentrate on good keyword, good content in stickies and most importantly getting links to their forums from other good sites, and let us do the other bits of tweaking.

Cheers again , and as for my post the first paragraph didnt make any sense , lol , it does now , could it be that Yahoo have blacklisted me for some reason??
myff admin

Rankings can go up and down for many reasons, I can't really make sensible comment about yahoo. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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