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Twitter Block Alternative

Ok, myff had been using it's own code to pull feeds from a users account via the portal settings, unfortunately twitter keep changing things and it keep breaking as a result, so this little guide will server as an alternative solution to show your twitter feeds.


Login to your admin panel and goto 3. Styles and click Portal Settings, this will give you a page with quite a few icons, find the one called "blank" and click it.


On the page that follows clicking the icon for blank, goto the box titled "Name"(1) and change the name to FEEDTWITTER and click create new portal, this has now created a blank portal for you to now use on your forum, the other settings below that(2) can stay as we wont be using those, when it comes to adding the code in later on.


Keeping your admin panel open, open a new tab and wander along to > and start to tweak, the widgets Settings, Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions to suit your needs as closely as you can, once your done click the "Finish & Grab Code" button, for it to give you the code you need for the next bit.


keeping the twitter tab open with the code, go back across to your admin panel and under 3. Styles goto Templates/Logos and select the template your using, now on this page in the very last drop down box scroll down until you find cms_feedtwitter.tpl select it and click the submit button next to it, now inside you'll see some basic portal code, like this:

<table width="100%" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1" border="0" class="forumline" align="center">
<td class="row1" align="center">
Template {TEMPLATENAME} does not exist.

That code can be deleted, once deleted, you need to go back across to the tab with the code for the twitter widget, select the code and right click to copy it to clipboard, once you have it copied, you can go back to the tab for the feedtwitter portal and paste in the new code, once you have you can click save and exit


Lastly all you now need is the shiny macro for you to put into your portal setup which is {MYFF.FEEDTWITTER}


Example of this working can be seen here:


That's it, I hope this workaround helps you in some way Forum Index -> Portal components
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