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Transferring to a paid forum host - help needed...

Hi there,   we are in the middle of organising for a new website domain and want to transfer our forum from here (which has been great) to our new host. The way I understand it, I must pay for the export, then give this to the new host and they will import/install it for us.

If incorrect, what is the procedure?

If correct,   when I pay for the export, how do i get the file from you and then to the new host (is it emailed or done some other way)?

Thanks in advance.

P.S: I tried searching, but could not come up with a definitive explanation.
myff admin

Links to the files are emailed.

Thanks. So I must pay for the export then or is it done another way?
myff admin

You pay for the export, then we will export on demand, several times if need be (for the one payment) to get you sorted.

Is there a format it comes in (just so I can check its right with the new website host).

Many thanks for all your help thus far.
myff admin

It is a standard mysql dump, no tricks like you can get with other free forum hosts. What you get is what any importing host will want to have.

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