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Transfer of Admin , our admin is deceased

Our site owning admin ( Lynn Hopkin ) has passed away
I was asked by the only remaining admin to take over  as he was leaving
I was already a moderator on the site and have accepted.

I can find no way to e mail mff to ask this question

How do i switch the ownership in these sad circumstances ?

Pedpolly ( admin ) Holiday chat
myff admin

It is indeed tragic news

Ownership is switched by starting a thread we can see on Holiday chat and posting the link here.

The thread should show that there is a consensus on the switch in ownership.

Thankyou , i will post a topic in the general chat section of our forum now

I hope that link works ok for you.
I am new to all this so any help and advice is welcome, as to what happens next, do i have forms to fill etc
and is everything set up from here on this thread.

Thanks again

myff admin

I'll simply get it sorted in a bit and PM you the controlpanel password.

That is the password that allows admin accounts to be reset.

Thankyou for your prompt reply Forum Index -> Running your community
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